Call for Papers

Important dates

Full paper submissionMay 31, 2022
Paper acceptance notificationJune 20, 2022
Registration will be open startingJune 21, 2022
Author registration (final deadline)July 1, 2022
Main conferenceAugust 15 – 18, 2022

The integration of mobile computing, edge, and cloud services enables new applications that provide resources and services on an intelligent basis, process big data collected from mobile sensors, connected vehicles, and support the Internet of things (IoT) with massive edge and cloud-based backend. 5G technology will be a key enabler of this integration. Such mobile applications will have tremendous impacts on many aspects of our life, including transportation/V2X, e-commerce, healthcare, smart homes and smart cities, social interaction, and many more.

Mobile Cloud provides a platform for researchers from academia and industry to share their latest research ideas and results, experimental activities, and the emerging industry technologies on mobile cloud computing, services, and engineering. Papers will be judged based on originality, significance, clarity, relevance, and correctness.

Topics of Interest: (include but not limited to)

Theory, Modeling, and Methodologies

  • Mobile cloud computing models, architectures, infrastructures, and platforms
  • Mobile cloud computing theories, concepts, algorithms, and methodologies
  • Mobile cloud data management: models, big data, stream processing
  • Mobile cloud data centers: storage, caching, retrieval, migration, resilience, availability
  • Mobile cloud networking and protocols
  • Mobile cloud tools and middleware
  • Mobile cloud (computing) as a service
  • Quality of service (QoS): reliability, robustness, throughput, latency, recovery-time, and scalability
  • Mobile cloud security and privacy
  • Mobile cloud analytics
  • Mobile cloud optimization with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and deep learning (DL)
  • Mobile cloud services: model, discovery, provisioning, security, and marketplace
  • Mobile cloud for context/location-aware services
  • Mobile cloud for crowdsensing and crowdsourcing: models, platforms and applications
  • 5G/6G: mobile edge computing (MEC), function virtualization, mobile multimedia, load balancing
  • Mobile cloud with Edge, Fog, and Cloud computing

Applications and Industry Practice

  • Mobile clouds for V2X, intelligent transportation systems (ITS), telematics
  • Mobile clouds for surveillance
  • Mobile clouds for drones, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)
  • Mobile clouds for augmented reality
  • Mobile clouds for sensor networks, IoT and Industrial IoT
  • Mobile clouds for aviation, airports, and railway
  • Mobile clouds for community services and social networking
  • Mobile clouds for health and disaster management
  • Mobile cloud computing for sustainable development
  • Mobile clouds for mission-critical systems
  • Mobile clouds for industrial 4.0
  • Mobile clouds for metaverse
  • Mobile clouds to address COVID-19 challenges